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Many things are worth their weight in gold.

Time is Priceless.


Interested in creating your financial plan?

Switchbacks Capital Advisory seeks to simplify, streamline and personalize financial lives, investments, and legacy. A commitment to providing a high level of service, independent research and analytics is accompanied with thoughtful advice. 
One size doesn’t fit all.  Your custom strategy is built using this process to tailor fit your financial needs.

Do you need a financial advisor? Have you ever wondered...

I have no time to figure out a financial plan...


Can someone help me do that?

Develop Financial Plan
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Switchbacks Capital Advisory is here for you. Start securing your financial freedom.

individuals and Families Financial Plan

Individuals and Families

Here to help you build a financial foundation that is customized to your life.

Whether you are in the phase of building wealth, looking to buy a home, or need to establish financial direction:

  • Develop a process for investing automation that fits your situation.

  • Manage an ongoing portfolio based on your investment timeline, cash needs and risk tolerance.

  • Create an integrated financial planning experience using our cutting-edge planning platform.

  • Compute the tax efficiency of your current portfolio and deliver a fee-reduction analysis.

Individuals & Families Financial Plan
Individuals and Families
Busines Owners
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Business Owners Financial Plan
Business Owners Financial Plan

Business Owners

As a business owner you should keep more of what you earn; for now and in the future. 


  • Asses your current plan offering and provide recommendations.

  • Execute a fee and expense analysis and include benchmarking.

  • Evaluate and enhance your plan for tax efficiency.

  • Participate in standing plan education meetings and ongoing availability to plan participants.

  • Review investment policies to ensure consistency with goals of the retirement plan.

  • With the CPFA accreditation, the fiduciary standard is upheld when it comes to your business’ retirement plan.

Corproate Executives Financial Plan

Corporate Executives

Are your stock options working for you? Are you looking to retire? Do you want to ensure you are on track? Let Switchbacks Capital Advisory be your guide.


  • Evaluation and planning for RSUs, Stock options & grants.

  • Assessment of net unrealized appreciation on employer stock. 

  • Evaluation of deferred compensation packages.  For example: Should you participate and if so, how much can you afford to defer given current and future expenses?

  • For executives planning to retire in the near future, complete a review of all available options for assets held in the company retirement plan and develop a strategy for those assets.   

Corporate Executives Financial Plan
Corporate Executives
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Philantropy Financial Plan
philanthropy Financial Plan


There is beauty in giving with intention.

Assist individuals, families and business clients in crafting and implementing their philanthropic plans to maximize financial impact for both the charitable organization and the client. Including:

  • Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

  • Charitable Remainer Trusts (CRTs)

  • Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs)

  • Private Foundations

Charity and Non-profit Financial Plan

Charitable Organizations and Non-profits:

Everyone wins when your mission is realized. 

  • Review and advise on an IPS to align with mission and vision of the organization.

  • Develop ESG and socially responsible investment strategies allowing your organization to put financial resources to the greatest good.

  • Provide donor education via webinars, live presentations and exclusive events meant to reinforce your organization’s unique message to those who fund the mission.

Charity & Non-Profit Financial Plan
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