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Switchbacks Capital Advisory is an independent financial advisory practice based in Missoula, Montana.  A true wealth management experience includes offering clients objective and innovative strategies from a truly independent, client-centric, open architecture advisory firm. 


Core Beliefs

This isn’t your typical financial advisory firm. Beliefs include:
Financial Independence = Options.
Wealth isn’t a number in the bank account, it’s about having the option to spend your time doing exactly what you want to do.
Keep it simple.
There is no need to add complexity to an already confusing and noisy financial world. Keep it simple and add complexity as needed.
This is a partnership.
When clients win, everyone wins. 
Save money. Enjoy life too.
Saving is essential to reach financial independence, but not at the expense of diminishing the life experience. Let’s focus on achieving both.
Flexibility is key.
Maintaining flexibility in a financial plan is crucial for when life doesn’t go as planned.
Work from anywhere.
Location independence is a new form of wealth. Meeting clients where they are is essential.
Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Benefits of working with an independent financial advisor:

independent custodian
Your assets are held by an independent custodian, not the advisor firm
fiduciary recommendatons

As a fiduciary,  recommendations are made with your best interest in mind  

your money reflects your values
Assist clients in using their financial resources to reflect their values
responsive, attentive and personalized relationship
A relationship that is responsive, attentive, and personalized
no sales quotas
No sales quotas. The relationship should be mutually beneficial. 
simple transparent fee structure
Simple and transparent fee structure

Interested in creating your financial road map?

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Investment Philosophy

The investing approach is rooted in three key principles: Discipline, Tax Efficiency, Diversification within and across all asset classes.  

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